President's Club Advisory Council members, like all DePaul donors, have their own unique reasons for supporting DePaul University.

Photo of Jim Boyle
Jim Boyle (LAS '62, MBA '76)

"DePaul gave me, a student who struggled to adjust to college, second chances and the time to succeed and graduate. Cardinal Newman wrote, “If then an end needs to be assigned to a university, let it be that of making better men for society.” My wife Jaclyn Ruff Boyle and I subscribe to that wholeheartedly. We support DePaul because between us, we have 3 degrees from the school. We wish to help it continue to fulfill the concept of a university—an institution that is good for society in economic, moral and societal terms."

Photo of Bill Carsley
Bill Carsley (LAS '61, MA '67, JD '69)

"Why do I give to DePaul? Let me count the 'whys.' I give for a myriad of reasons, but to reduce them to their foundations, I would say that I give mainly out of appreciation and affection. I sincerely love DePaul and I appreciate deeply all that DePaul has done for me both professionally and socially. I have a thousand warm memories, and I have made scores of lifetime friends through my long relationship with my beloved alma mater."

Photo of Patrick Chartrand
Patrick Chartrand (COM '06)

"I give to DePaul because I believe in the university and its mission. I am living proof that just about anyone, regardless of background, can succeed academically and compete fiercely with graduates from historically top-ranking universities. As a first-generation college graduate and immigrant from a small town on the island of Montreal, I can say with confidence that DePaul’s support system for students—professors, academic advisors, other students, and the seemingly never-ending group of people associated with DePaul—really helped mold me as a person."

Photo of Roberta Cleary
Roberta Cleary (EDU '78)

"I support DePaul because my DePaul education gave me self-confidence and helped me launch a successful career. I really feel that my DePaul education made me a more well-rounded person. DePaul’s classes were small enough that I could make eye contact with each professor and stay focused. I support DePaul so others will receive a great education with intelligent and gifted professors. I am very proud of how DePaul has grown, how its campuses look today, and the way DePaul cares about their students. I want my alma mater to stay strong and continue to grow and be a vital part of Chicago."

Photo of John DAmbrose
John D'Ambrose (MBA '58)

"DePaul was not a stroll in the park; I never worked so hard in my life, but it was worth all the effort. After graduation on the wonderful day in June 1958, I took a job out of town and went on with what proved to be a rather hectic life. As the years rushed along, the lessons of DePaul kept coming to mind. I kept remembering the classes, the instructors. I remembered things like the need to keep learning, the need to apply what I had learned, the need to be flexible and the need to keep in mind that principle was very important. I survived life and the turbulence of the late 80's and early 90’s. I went on to open a small business of my own after a corporate downsizing. Again the lessons of DePaul were my guide. It soon became apparent to me that I had to give something back. I did and continue to do so, and I will keep up as long as I am able. And that is what DePaul means to me."

Photo of Daniel Hayes
Daniel Hayes (LAS MS ’91, MBA ’98)

"It was in my Saturday MBA economics class that I knew I would make a lifelong commitment to DePaul. The teacher, the late Ashok Batavia, was extraordinary. I give to DePaul because I know that Ashok was only one example of the exceptionally skilled and dedicated teachers at DePaul. In their own unique way, they all are motivating their students the same way Ashok motivated me. I also give to DePaul to help students have the opportunities that I have had because of my education at DePaul. I was the first in my family to go to university, and I want as many first-generation students to have their own opportunities and to realize their full potential."

Photo of Danielle Short
Danielle Short (MBA '03)

"When I came to DePaul to get my MBA, I had less than five years of work experience and was not sure if I wanted to go back to school. DePaul’s counselors were more than willing to work with me and helped me determine that I did want to make the commitment. Now I support DePaul as a graduate, because I feel that I had the wholehearted support of a very fine institution that prioritizes students' needs while offering an excellent blend of academic and real world experiences."

Photo of Larry Stack
Larry Stack (LAS ’63, MA ’65)

"My DePaul professors inspired me to get the most out of my time at the university and provided an educational foundation that proved invaluable in all my endeavors. Today, DePaul continues to provide superb teaching and interaction between students and faculty. When friends’ children and grandchildren look for universities that provide great learning experiences, I offer them reasons to consider DePaul."

Photo of Stacia Taylor
Stacia Taylor (COM '76)

"I'll always remember the day I graduated. It was especially important to me, because I was starting my new life at 32. Now, looking back after a 40-year career, I believe that there is nothing greater that one can do in life than to reach back and help those coming up. I believe that whatever small part I can play in some student’s development is the greatest gift I can give."

Photo of Jim Troxel
Jim Troxel (SNL MA '93)

"DePaul's SNL provided a mechanism for an adult learner like myself to come back to school at the age of 45 to earn my master’s degree in a self-directed learning experience that was just right for my professional career. Shortly after graduation I published my first book and launched my consulting business, neither which would have happened had it not been for DePaul."

Photo of Kathy Walsh
Kathy Walsh (COM '87)

"Over time, I have come to recognize the real hard-working spirit that sets DePaul students and teachers apart. DePaul not only gave me the foundation on which I have built my career, but it also gave me a real appreciation for how important education is to our community. The largest Catholic university in the United States, DePaul is a role model for others in how it fulfills its mission to educate students from a variety of backgrounds."

Photo of Denis Zamirowski
Denis Zamirowski (LAS '67)

"My relationship with DePaul began when I attended Dr. Posin’s Saturday seminars as a high school student. Later, I was provided the means to pay for my college education with employment at the Lewis Center library. Upon graduation, I felt an obligation to give DePaul students the means to obtain quality education. All through my association with DePaul, the university was more like a family rather than a faceless entity. It has been my pleasure to help DePaul with contributions to Athletics and science both monetarily and as a volunteer."