DePaul University is pleased to introduce the President's Club Street Team!

This group of recent DePaul graduates is dedicated to spreading the word about the President's Club and its support of DePaul and its students. For more information about the group or to join, contact Tracy Krahl, at .

Photo of Patrick Chartrand
Patrick Chartrand (COM '06)

Why I give to DePaul: "I give to DePaul because I believe in the university and its mission. I am living proof that just about anyone, regardless of background, can succeed academically and compete fiercely with graduates from historically top-ranking universities. As a first-generation college graduate and immigrant from a small town on the island of Montreal, I can say with confidence that DePaul’s support system for students—professors, academic advisors, other students, and the seemingly never-ending group of people associated with DePaul—really helped mold me as a person."

Fun fact: "I was able to achieve my professional and personal success as a direct result of my experience as a DePaul undergraduate."

Photo of Raven Cox
Raven Cox (COM '05)

Why I give to DePaul: "I would not have been able to afford higher education, especially the top education that DePaul offers, without a scholarship. I was caught in the middle: My mom made too much for me to qualify for full financial aid, but she didn’t make enough to pay my tuition. I hope my gifts will help students who have the desire to complete a higher education but whose funds fall short, especially those caught in the middle like I was."

Fun fact: "In my professional life, I assist clients in reducing risks. In my personal life, I maximize risk by engaging in extreme adventures. Think skydiving, zip-lining and snowboarding."

Photo of Erin Mink Garvey
Erin Mink Garvey (LAS '06, MS '10)

Why I give to DePaul: "I am a Triple Demon and my husband is a Double Demon. We choose to give back because we believe in DePaul’s founding promise: providing an excellent education to any talent student who seeks one."

Fun fact: "I’m an avid runner (18 half-marathons, 17 marathons since 2007) and reader (I’ve started book clubs at the last two places I’ve worked)."

Photo of Meghan McGowan
Meghan McGowan (CMN '09)

Why I give to DePaul: “Keeping a connection to DePaul is important to me, because I spent four years investing my future in DePaul, and now even in the corporate world, DePaul remains a huge part of my life. DePaul provides a unique group of alumni who I constantly run into at work!”

Fun fact: "I was part of the DePaul Concert Choir!"

Photo of Mike McKeon
Mike McKeon (EDU '04)

Why I give to DePaul: "I give to DePaul so that others, like myself, will have a chance to be impacted by this wonderful place. DePaul educates those who may not find the opportunity for higher education at other institutions. It is important to me that this legacy live on and that other students can experience everything that a DePaul education has to offer. I still stay in touch with all the people who helped change my life at DePaul. I am lucky to be able to call many of them colleagues and friends now. The continued support, friendship, and mentoring they provide is a testament to the power of the extracurricular education at DePaul."

Fun fact: “I'm a huge fan of live theater, and have held a subscription to the Lyric Opera since coming back to Chicago three years ago.”

Photo of James Murphy
James Murphy (COM '09)

Why I give to DePaul: "I give back to DePaul so that others will continue to benefit from all the University has to offer. For example, as an undergraduate I had two accounting internships, both with companies owned by DePaul alumni. I held my second internship from the end of my sophomore year until I graduated. At that point, I was offered a full time position. This is a true example of DePaul’s network and resources. Being a member of the DePaul community is something that will last beyond four years; it will last a lifetime."

Fun fact: “I’m one of seven children, love to cook and go running.”

Photo of Nick Romo
Nick Romo (COM '05)

Why I give to DePaul: "I choose to give back to DePaul because I received so much from the University. Without receiving grants from DePaul, paying for tuition and the costs associated with higher education would have been nearly impossible. My parents believed in a Catholic education and worked overtime to ensure that I had funds for books and summer classes to graduate in four years. My business professors gave me so much of their time after class to ensure I was confident with challenging material. The Career Center led me to an internship and an exciting first job after graduation. Toastmasters and the STARS program gave me public speaking skills and an opportunity to mentor first year students of color. I give to DePaul so other students, especially students of color, can continue to receive as much as I did."

Fun fact: “I ran four marathons in three different cities with a personal best of 3:32:03 in Phoenix in 2009.”

Photo of Valerie Ruiz
Valerie Ruiz (CMN'09)

Why I give to DePaul: "I decided to give back to DePaul so that other student athletes would be allowed the opportunity to play the sport they love and afford their college expenses. I believe that active involvement outside of the classroom is the key to success; allowing students to begin to shape their post-graduate opportunities. To be educated outside the classroom while learning to work on a team, are experiences that may take you far in life. I truly believe that you should never just settle for the classroom experience but always strive to be involved in other activities you love."

Fun fact: “I was a Blue Demon Cheerleader from 2005-2009 and continued my passion as the Head Cheerleading Coach at Loyola University of Chicago.”

Photo of Garrett Schultz
Garrett Schultz (COM '08)

Why I give to DePaul: “After growing up in rural Wisconsin, moving to Chicago to attend DePaul was an intimidating task. But shortly after arriving on campus, I was immersed in incredible opportunities for growth and giving, and I quickly embraced the Vincentian spirit and mission of the university. Now as a graduate, I continue to support DePaul because I hope that future students will be afforded the same opportunities that I had the privilege of experiencing.”

Fun fact: “I love to waterski.”

Photo of Zoe Soo Hoo
Zoe Soo Hoo (COM ’08)

Why I give to DePaul: "I give to DePaul because I had to finance my education on my own, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without the generosity of others through scholarships. Ledger & Quill, which is associated with the School of Accountancy, was especially instrumental in not only financing my education, but also giving me the opportunity to personally thank and meet the donors of my scholarships. The President's Club allows people outside of the School of Accountancy alumni group to network and learn about and from their peers."

Fun fact: "I ran the hottest Chicago marathon to date, 2007, and then decided to run it again in 2008."

Photo of Katherine (Katie) Beatty Walsh
Katherine (Katie) Beatty Walsh (MA CMN '09)

Why I give to DePaul: "Being part of the DePaul community as a staff member as well as a recent alum is truly special. As an urban institution valuing its Vincentian mission, DePaul provides a cherished opportunity by promoting continued growth, be it educationally and personally, in its current students as well as alums. The President’s Club allows you to be a part of an alumni network that reaches out to its fellow members and encourages connecting alums, while at the same time embracing the institution of DePaul University."

Fun fact: "After undergraduate school, I worked in fashion for two years in New York City for Carolina Herrera. It was an amazing experience and today, while meeting with students interested in pursuing a career in fashion PR, that experience always allows me to add valuable insight to an exciting and challenging industry."