Giving FAQs

How often will donors be contacted by mail or phone?
Alumni and friends are usually contacted several times each year through the mail. In some cases, a student may call a donor on the phone seeking support.

If a donor contributes early in the year, will he/she still receive other solicitations?
No, after you make a gift, you will not receive further solicitations during that fiscal year (July-June).

What are matching gifts?
Many companies match the contributions made by employees. These corporate-sponsored programs can double or even triple the value of an employee's personal contribution without any additional obligation from the individual donor. Please check with your employer's Human Resources Office to see if you have a matching gift program.

Is there any recognition for particular levels of contribution?
Donors who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more are honored as members of the President's Club. In addition, the Cortelyou Heritage Society honors individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to DePaul by making a planned gift that supports goals the university will realize in the future.

Can a gift be designated to a specific area?
Yes. Giving money to general funds is encouraged, but a donor can designate a gift to a specific school, college or program fund. To accomplish this, when making an online gift simply choose the fund you would like to support on the form or write the fund name in the "Other" field. Donors who wish to contribute to a fund that does not currently exist at the University, or for more information on designating a contribution at DePaul, please contact Stewardship & Donor Relations at (312) 362-8666.

Donors receive full credit for gifts designated to specific needs at the university.

How do I make memorial gift in memory of a professor, relative, friend or colleague?
When making a gift as a memorial to someone, include a note with the following information:
  1. Name of the deceased and date of death (copy of obituary, if possible, is very helpful)
  2. Name of the surviving widow, widower or family member
  3. If applicable, name and address of all donors, and the amount of their donation included in the envelope
  4. Telephone number of the principal donor, in case there are any questions
  5. Fund or program to which the contribution should be designated

Address your memorial gift with this information to:
DePaul University
Advancement Gift Processing
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 362-8666
Special accounts may be set up in the name of the deceased. Certain restrictions apply. Please contact Stewardship & Donor Relations at (312) 362-8666.

Are donations to DePaul University considered tax-deductible contributions by the IRS?
Yes, donations to DePaul University are tax-deductible contributions at the highest limits allowed for federal income or estate tax purposes. DePaul University is a qualified public charitable organization and meets the requirements of Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3). See Internal Revenue Service website for more information on deducting charitable contributions or contact our Gift Processing team with any questions you may have at 312-362-8666 or .

How do I get my IRS tax receipt?
Tax receipts for most gifts are mailed to you within two business days after we receive your donation. If you make an online gift, the gift confirmation page serves as your official receipt, although you may request a paper receipt from DePaul by clicking a link on the confirmation page. Should you have any questions about tax receipts, please call Gift Processing at (312) 362-8666.