For Faculty & Staff

Left photo shows a student taking notes at her computer. Right photo shows a string quartet of students from the School of Music at practice.

University policy requires that you consult the Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) first if you intend to seek funding or solicit any foundation in order to ensure the best strategic approach and to honor the wishes of select foundations to coordinate submissions with a single unit on campus.

The OFR proactively works with senior leadership, faculty, staff and administrators to foster collaborations and to seek support for institutional priorities by providing the services below:

  • Help identify potential foundation funders or collaborators.
  • Provide prospect research in conjunction with Advancement staff.
  • Strategize how to approach, cultivate, solicit and maintain strong relationships with foundations.
  • Review proposals and letters of inquiry; provide editorial assistance.
  • Gather and coordinate supporting materials for submission with the Office of Research Services and with the Office of Institutional Research and Market Analytics to obtain institutional signatures and approvals.

Faculty & Staff Foundation Clearance Request (Campus Connection Login Required)

The OFR encourages contacting and building relationships with external funders, unless otherwise requested by representatives of corporate and philanthropic foundations, or unless there are university priorities established by the president and executive officers that would be affected. The desired result, of course, is to submit more funding proposals and increase the number of funded requests. To ensure that the OFR can facilitate the most productive relationships with foundations, DePaul faculty, staff and administrators are required by university policy to inform the OFR of any contacts with corporations and foundations. Faculty, staff and administrators are required to complete the online Clearance Request Form before submitting a proposal to a foundation. Please expect a reply from our office within five business days of submitting the Clearance Request Form. The OFR can then advise you on strategy for approaching foundations and assist in the proposal development process.

The objectives of the Faculty & Staff Foundation Clearance process are to:

  • Enable the OFR to assist faculty with cultivating and soliciting foundation prospects.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of contacts and relationships between members of the university community and philanthropic foundations.
  • Conduct all interactions and relationships in a coordinated fashion.

DePaul faculty, staff and administrators are asked to inform the OFR team of any relationships, contacts or other activity that involve corporations and foundations. This way, the OFR team can record this information in the university's prospect tracking system, allowing for an accurate account of all contacts made with these potential prospects.