Ledger and Quill

Ledger & Quill (L&Q) is the friends and alumni giving society of the undergraduate and graduate programs at the DePaul University School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems. Established in 1972, it stands today as one of the largest accounting alumni groups in the nation, with membership numbering over 1,000.

L&Q serves DePaul by providing resources necessary to continue the School's development as a preeminent institution. Through the generosity of its members, L&Q provides annually approximately $350,000 in scholarships and awards, faculty support, general support of the School's student groups, and sponsorship or co-sponsorship of the School's special programs and activities.

There are almost 50 separate scholarship and award funds under the "Ledger & Quill umbrella." To view the full listing of Ledger & Quill funds, please visit https://business.depaul.edu/academics/accountancy-mis/about/Pages/ledger-and-quill.aspx.

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Ledger & Quill Faculty Development Fund
Gifts and pledges to this fund provide support for expenses related to faculty research in Accountancy and Management Information Systems. Expenses include the acquisition of research databases, travel, presentation of research papers, conference attendance and other tech acquisitions.

Ledger & Quill
Gifts and pledges to this fund provide general support to Ledger & Quill, the alumni and friends giving society of the School of Accountancy & MIS. Through the generosity of its members, L&Q provides support for student scholarships and awards, professorships, support of the school's student groups, and program sponsorships.
Eldred C. Strobel Endowed Scholarship
The Strobel Scholarship is awarded to a student in the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems who has demonstrated superior academic achievement and has exhibited financial need.
Robert M. Peters Endowed Scholarship
The Peters Scholarship is awarded to an academically outstanding undergraduate student in the Strobel Honors Program.

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