February 23, 2017: Blue Demon Challenge!

The Blue Demon Challenge is a one-day fundraising drive occurring on February 23, 2017. It's a day for alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff and parents from all over the world to come together, give back and celebrate what they care about through DePaul.

The Blue Demon Challenge is an annual tradition at DePaul, now in its fourth year. Inspired by the challenge's past success, alumnus Rick Kash (LAS'68) has pledged $100,000 in additional support if 750 members of the DePaul community make a gift of any amount. Thanks to Rick's generosity, every gift makes an even bigger impact today!

The Details

Who: You! Along with the entire DePaul community.
What: The Blue Demon Challenge, DePaul's fourth annual day of giving.
Where: Right here! Also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
When: February 23, 2017
Why: To make a difference in the lives of DePaul students and at the university you love.
How: By scrolling down and filling out the form below.

How You Can Help

By making a gift to DePaul for the Blue Demon Challenge! Your gift of any amount to any area of the university accomplishes a lot:

  • You help offer the best education possible to as many students as possible.
  • You impact DePaul's national rankings.
  • You show your DePaul pride.
  • You join a tradition that impacts our campus, community and world in a positive way every day.

You Might Be Wondering…

Why should I give to DePaul?

What do you love about DePaul? The Blue Demon Challenge is your chance to support the things that made your DePaul experience special. When you make your gift to academic programs, scholarships, athletics, student groups or whichever aspect of DePaul you care about most, you're doing more than making a gift to a university. You're helping students prepare to change the world.

Why today?

Because today, the entire DePaul community is coming together to see just how big an impact we can make in one day. If we can reach 700 donors by the end of the day, we'll earn a $100,000 matching gift from alumnus Rick Kas (LAS '68). Today, your gift is more important than ever!

How much should I give?

You don't have to make a big gift to make a big difference. When you join the rest of the DePaul community in making a gift, you'll combine to make a sizable impact. So no matter how much you choose to give, your participation in the Blue Demon Challenge is incredibly meaningful.

What am I actually supporting?

That's up to you. You can direct your gift to the area of DePaul you care about most: a specific scholarship or program, The DePaulia, athletics and more.

How can I make my gift?

Fill out the form below, choose where you'd like to direct your support and share your DePaul pride on social media when you're finished!

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