Social Media

Connect with DePaul's active alumni community on several popular online social media networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Our social media initiatives are just one way to keep up with the DePaul alumni community online. Please note that these services are not affiliated with DePaul University; please contact their customer service if you have any questions or problems with your account(s).

Social Media FAQ

LinkedIn Questions

How do I join the DePaul Alumni Association LinkedIn Page?

  The DePaul Alumni Association LinkedIn Group allows DePaul alumni to view each others' work histories and communicate with each other for professional networking. Using this service requires that you have a free LinkedIn account.

The LinkedIn group is currently open to DePaul alumni only, we must verify all membership requests. Please note that this process may take between two to four business days. You will be notified by email once your membership has been approved.

Facebook Questions

How do I join the DePaul Alumni Association Facebook Page?

   The DePaul Alumni Association Page on Facebook features the latest alumni news updates, event announcements and pictures. Visit the page and click the "Become a fan" link to join today.

Flickr Questions

How do I join the DePaul Spirit Flickr Group?

   Go to the DePaul Spirit Flickr Group and click the link "join this group."

Twitter Questions

How do I join @depaulalumni on Twitter?

  @depaulalumni keeps Twitter users and the public, up-to-date with DePaul alumni news and other information. Reading updates from @depaulalumni on Twitter does not require a free Twitter account. However, to communicate with @depaulalumni via twitter, an account is required.

Instagram Questions

How do I follow @depaulalumni on Instagram?

  The DePaul alumni account on Instagram shares photos and videos taken around campus, at alumni events, and of other university activities. Using your Instagram app, search under users for DepaulAlumni and press the follow link.

More questions?

Contact for information on DePaul's social media initiatives.

Community Guidelines

We encourage you to use our social media as a way to connect with other DePaul alumni. Please be aware of our guidelines when participating.

Privacy Disclaimer

DePaul does not share personal information with these or other third-party companies. LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter have their own terms of use policies. Please read before joining: