Student Alumni Ambassadors

The Student Alumni Ambassadors strengthen the bonds and connections between alumni and the university, enlighten alumni on the current university culture, engage current students in the alumni community, and develop future alumni leaders.

The Student Alumni Ambassadors are DePaul’s most influential and exceptional undergraduate students. They serve as representatives of the Office of Alumni Relations and the entire student body at high-profile university and alumni events throughout the year. Students connect with alumni by sharing their DePaul experience and discussing current university news. As members of the Future Alumni Association, the Student Alumni Ambassadors also work to build students’ affinity for DePaul on campus.

For more information about Student Alumni Ambassadors, contact or (773) 325-8941.

Meet the Current Student Alumni Ambassadors

Photo of Benjamin B.
Benjamin B. (LAS '18)
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Favorite thing about DePaul
My favorite thing about DePaul is the opportunities that are offered to you as a student. The truest statement that I have ever heard at DePaul is "The city is your campus." There are so many opportunities via community service, internships, jobs, leadership roles and positions that can inspire people.

Proudest Accomplishment
My proudest accomplishment at DePaul is being an orientation leader and helping students through the transition of high school to college.

Photo of Kate H.
Kate H. (CMN '18)
Majors: Public Relations and Advertising, Organization Communication
Hometown: Lindenhurst, IL

Favorite thing about DePaul
My favorite thing about DePaul is the urban campus. There is never a dull moment in Chicago with the free events and concerts.

Why am I a student Alumni Ambassador?
I think alumni are the best resources that a student could use in terms of life, school and career advice. It is important to give back to the alumni and keep a strong relationship with them. If DePaul did not have dedicated alumni, we would not be the successful university we are today.

Photo of Michael M.
Name: Michael M. (LAS '18)
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Cass City, MI

Favorite thing about DePaul
My favorite thing about DePaul is its dedication to the mission of serving marginalized communities. It is easy for students and people to get lost in all of the moving parts that are present in college and life, so having a university dedicated to more than just educating is incredible.

Why am I a Student Alumni Ambassador?
I wanted to become a Student Alumni Ambassador because I love DePaul. I think it is one of the best universities on the planet, and I never want to pass the chance to share that fact.

Photo of Mike P.
Mike P. (LAS '18)
Major: Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Favorite thing about DePaul
My favorite thing about DePaul is the diversity of the student body—the individuals at DePaul look like the world around you. Interactions with fellow students, it allows you to gain an insight to a vast number of worldviews and experiences.

Plans after graduation
My plans after graduation include moving back home to Minneapolis, where I would like to work with individuals with special needs. Specifically, I would like to find a way to reach out to families in low income areas whose children need special care, but may not be able to afford it.

Photo of Rebecca Z.
Name: Rebecca Z. (BUS 19)
Major: Finance
Hometown: Lemont, IL

Favorite thing about DePaul
DePaul is a great facilitator for opportunities and experiences throughout Chicago. There are always so many activities offered through DePaul for students to discover the city around them.

Proudest Accomplishment
My proudest accomplishment would have to be winning a Shark Tank style business plan competition, and being the only all-female group to do so.

Plans after graduation
After graduation, I hope to accomplish my lifelong goal and work in the music industry. My dream job is to work at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, but hopefully after college I will get some kind of job in the music industry.

Photo of Andrew Z.
Andrew Z. (LAS '19)
Major: Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse
Hometown: Northville, MI

Proudest Accomplishment
My proudest accomplishment for this academic school year was successfully completing my first Service Immersion trip over spring break. My service group and I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama to participate in a multi-generational service while also learning about the American civil rights movement.

Plans after graduation
After I graduate from my undergraduate studies here at DePaul, I would like to explore a number of potential options. I would like to consider attending graduate school either here at DePaul or elsewhere, and I am exploring various law schools as a potential way to progress my career interests.