Each year hundreds of DePaul alumni proudly celebrate their 50th reunion. The DePaul University Fifty Year Club was founded to recognize alumni who have reached or surpassed this milestone.

Committee members work together with the Office of Alumni Relations to plan Fifty Year Club events. For more information or to join the committee, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at dpalumni@depaul.edu or (800) 437-1898.

Fifty Year Club Committee

Carole Bennett (CSH '65)
John Beyer (BUS '65)
Silvana Esposito (LAS '57)
John Humm (BUS '63)
Mike Lawler (LAS '65)
Maureen Lyons (LAS '58)
Dorita Malecki (LAS '58)
Marty Malecki (BUS '58)
Eileen Massura (CSH '63)
Daniel McGowan (LAS '56)
Ron Peters (BUS '60)
Victor Quilici (LAS '58)
James Sheedy (LAS '65)
Al Thiede (CSH '57)
Ann Tuohy (LAS ’61)
David Winter (LAS '61)