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What is the Office of Alumni Relations?

The Office of Alumni Relations represents DePaul graduates. It provides programs, services and opportunities for alumni to connect with DePaul and each other. You can contact the Office of Alumni Relations by phone at (800) 437-1898 or by email at .

Is there a fee to join the Alumni Association?

There is no membership fee to join, and enrollment is automatic upon graduation.

How do I request my transcripts?

All transcript requests are processed through the Office of Student Records. Electronic transcripts are available to alumni who completed all their coursework after 1981, and paper transcripts are available to all alumni of DePaul. Electronic and paper transcripts with standard delivery are free; alumni will only be charged a fee for transcripts that are ordered with UPS shipping. All transcript orders must be placed online. Visit the Student Records Website for more information about ordering transcripts.

Where can I get resume and career assistance?

For information on alumni career services, please visit Alumni Career Services.

How can I purchase DePaul clothing and gifts?

You can visit the DePaul Bookstore online or at the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses.

Can I have access to Campus Connection once I have graduated?

Campus Connection was designed to provide information to current students. If you do not find the information you are looking for on our website, please contact our office at (800) 437-1898 or at .

Where is the Alumni Center?

DePaul graduates visiting the Lincoln Park campus are invited to stop by the Alumni Center. Here alumni are able to take advantage of its many amenities including desktop PCs and free wireless access.

Alumni Relations staff are available to assist with benefits and services. Visit the Alumni Center page for more details, hours and parking.

How do I get my userid and password?

All alumni are assigned a userid and password, usually within 3 months of graduation, allowing access to all features of the alumni site. Once you have received your diploma, you can request a userid and password online or contact our office at (800) 437-1898 or .

If you have forgotten or don't know your userid and password, you can request a userid and password online, send us an email or call (800) 437-1898 for assistance.

How can I update my address and other personal and professional information?

For any changes in contact information, update your personal profile or email Alumni Relations at . You can also call us at (800) 437-1898.

How do I contact fellow alumni?

If you are a graduate, you can log in and search the Alumni Directory. Otherwise, contact Alumni Relations via email at , or call (800) 437-1898. Due to privacy considerations, DePaul does not release addresses or phone numbers of alumni to third parties.

How do I find local alumni and/or a local alumni chapter?

The Alumni Directory will help you locate alumni in your city. Also, DePaul's Alumni Chapters and Groups are a great way to stay in touch with other alumni in your hometown. For more information about these groups, see the Regional and International Alumni Chapters pages.

Why is my personal information available on the Internet? I don't think this information should be on the Internet.

The information you see in your personal information is your university system record. No one else has access to your personal information except you. The Alumni Directory search result pages do not show phone numbers to anyone else. This form is password-protected, and the transmission of data is encrypted over the web to block out anyone who might try to access your information. For more information about our privacy policy, please read our privacy statement.

Why aren't phone numbers listed in the Alumni Directory search results?

Due to privacy concerns, phone numbers are not listed in search results. One reason is that we don't want telemarketers to be able to download phone numbers from our database.

When I try to click on your email address, my computer/browser gives me errors.

All Alumni Relations email links should point to . If your browser is not set up to handle email, you may receive an error box notifying you of this. If you want to email Alumni Relations, you may use the above address at anytime, with any email client.