Alumni Center FAQs

Is the Alumni Center open in the evenings or on the weekend?

The Alumni Center is open from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking passes are available to alumni who utilize the Alumni Center during regular business hours. With the pass, free parking is available in the Welcome Center parking lot (limited space). In addition, alumni who show their alumni ID card can park at the Lincoln Park Campus garages at the DePaul rate.

I'll be visiting the Alumni Center, but then will be spending some time around campus and in the city; can I leave my car in the Welcome Center parking lot?

No, the visitor's parking lot in front of the Alumni Center is only for use by visitors while they are in the center. Once you leave the Alumni Center, you must move your vehicle. However, alumni who show their alumni ID card can park at the Lincoln Park Campus garages at the DePaul rate.

What services are available at the Alumni Center?

Alumni may visit the center to enjoy the lounge space and to get assistance from the Alumni Center staff. The center also features computers and wireless access for those who bring their own computers.

What software is available on the computers?

The PCs in the Alumni Center have Microsoft Office programs and Internet access.

How can I access the wireless network in the Alumni Center on my own computer?

The wireless network in the Alumni Center requires username and password authentication. When you visit the Alumni Center, simply request the login information and instructions from the receptionist.

Is there a printer I can use? Are there any fees associated with printing?

As of Monday, April 22, 2019, printing in no longer available at the Alumni Center. To print while visiting campus, please obtain a computer log on from Alumni Relations and visit a DePaul University Library to print. A Convenience Card will need to be purchased from the Library you visit to pay for printing.

Can alumni hold meetings in the Conference Room of the Alumni Center?

No, the Alumni Center's conference room is for internal DePaul department use only.

Can non-alumni / children accompany me in the Alumni Center when I visit?

Yes, you are welcome to bring guests with you to the Alumni Center. If you have small children with you, we ask that you remain with them at all times so as not to disturb staff or other alumni in the Alumni Center.