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Corporate Connectors

The Corporate Connectors program provides DePaul students and alumni with professional alumni contacts at organizations nationwide.

Through the Corporate Connectors program, several hundred alumni have offered to meet or correspond with fellow alumni and students who are applying to their companies. These volunteers welcome DePaul-affiliated new hires or interns who’ve recently joined their firms. The program is designed to help DePaul students and alumni make a smooth transition to a new job or prepare for an upcoming interview at a specific corporation.

DePaul alumni may volunteer with the program, and both students and alumni are encouraged to connect with Corporate Connector volunteers during a job or internship search.

See the full list of Corporate Connector Companies.

Volunteer as a Corporate Connector

New volunteers are always welcome to join the Corporate Connectors program! As a volunteer, you agree to connect one-on-one with current DePaul students or fellow alumni who are interested in learning more about the company where you work. If a DePaul student or graduate joins your company, you are encouraged to greet the new hire as they get settled in at your firm.

The Office of Alumni Relations facilitates all initial connections made through the program. We will never share your contact or employment information without your consent.

If you would like to become a Corporate Connector, please update your volunteer interest areas in your online alumni profile. You may also volunteer by contacting the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 437-1898 or

Connect with a Corporate Connector Volunteer

Corporate Connect volunteers offer a direct pipeline to information and support from within a specific corporation. If you are interested in applying at one or more of the represented companies or have recently joined any of these firms, consider reaching out to the Corporate Connector volunteer(s) who work there.

For Students
If you are interested in a position at a participating company, you can request to connect with a Corporate Connectors volunteer by contacting the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 437-1898 or

For Alumni
If you were recently hired or have already applied for an interview at one of the represented companies, you are eligible to connect with a Corporate Connectors volunteer. For more information on connecting with one of the volunteers, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 437-1898 or

For information on how Alumni Relations can assist with your career needs,
please contact us at (800) 437-1898 or