About Alumni Relations

Alumni and students volunteer for Vincentian Service Day.

Through the Office of Alumni Relations, DePaul offers many opportunities to help its alumni maintain a relationship with each other and the university. There are no dues to become a member of the Alumni Association—it's automatic after you graduate.

We encourage you to stay connected to DePaul. Attend an upcoming alumni event, stop by the Alumni Center, cheer on the Blue Demons at a game watch, take advantage of the many benefits of being a DePaul graduate or volunteer on the committee of your local chapter or class reunion.

If you have any comments or other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tracy Krahl (CMN '95, LAS MS '09)
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Engagement
(312) 362-5577

Effie Mores
Director of Alumni Relations
(773) 325-8391

Michael Bogart (LAS '10)
Associate Director of Alumni Communications
(312) 362-5844

John Palmares (CSH '07)
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
(773) 325-8941

Tanya Vandermoon
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
(312) 362-5593

James Redmond
Associate Director, College of Law
(312) 362-6065

Emily Pasteris (CMN '09)
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
(312) 362-7415

Erika Ranallo (CMN '12)
Communication Analyst
(312) 362-6354

Rev. William Piletic, C.M.
Alumni Relations Chaplain
(312) 362-1452

Sarah Albert (CMN '09)
Alumni Coordinator
(773) 325-8937

Natasha Amershi
Department Assistant
(773) 325-8390

Office of Alumni Relations:
Alumni Center
2400 N. Sheffield Ave., Suite 150
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 325-8390
Toll Free: (800) 437-1898
Fax: (773) 325-2258
Email: dpalumni@depaul.edu